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Artist statements Dead Man's Hand

From the beginning, our individual contributions seemed to just fit. The concept was the first idea we formed and based on equal input. As we exchanged ideas and discussed details, the frame styling, unique scrollwork style, and letting simply just happened with no mapping or planning. I approached my portion as a fan of Julie’s work, so my focus was to create a frame-worthy of what I knew from the start would be exceptional in every detail. Once finalize and the two pieces were combined, the finished piece accurately captured what I envisioned from the start. I believe our individual contributions just fit, creating a finished piece that is stronger than the two-piece brought together to create it.
Chad LeBlanc
I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and so messaged Chad on Instagram. His hand-lettering was and is just wonderful and I believed that our work complemented each other and would make for a truly awesome collaboration. From our first discussion about ideas, everything came together organically. As we worked we would share back and forth our progress which would inspire details that pulled our individual efforts seamlessly into one. Working together we have created a piece that is better than either one alone and I am very excited to be able to finally share it.
Julie Peterson-Shea
These giclee limited edition signed by both artist prints will sell for 75 with free US shipping.
It is printed on Moab Entrada 190 paper.